Moore’s transparency a benefit for voters

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 31, 2016

Re: Aug. 25 commentary, “Despite advantage for Dem, race for Travis County DA not a coronation.”

In politics, transparency is a virtue. I am pleased Margaret Moore has been transparent with the public about who she will include in her administration if she is elected.

All too often, a politician can rest on their laurels without discussing policy. Moore could have ridden to a comfortable victory in November without revealing how she would run the DA’s office. Instead, she gave us a window into her plans.

The article chastises Moore for being transparent, saying the election is not a “coronation.” It then questions the diversity in her hiring choices. The latter concern is legitimate — but ironically, if Moore had not been transparent, this newspaper could not have raised that concern until after the election.

Moore’s candor can only benefit the voters of Travis County by better informing them. I would encourage all the local candidates to follow her lead.